Individual Trust

Private Trust Services

A Trust is a special way to protect and preserve your assets both for yourself and those you care about. A trust can help you to prepare for changing needs like retirement, remarriage, creditor protection, illness, disability and any other eventuality.

Our range of trust products include :

  • Cash Trust
  • Property Trust
  • Investment Trust
  • Insurance Trust
  • Education Trust
  • Lifestyle Maintenance Trust
  • Retirement Trust
  • Funeral Trust
  • Charitable Trust
  • Testamentary Trust
  • Business Trust

Advantage of appointing Perpetual Trustees :

  • The comfort of knowing your trust is administered and managed by a professional trustee with integrity and vast experience.
  • A personal service which is swift, reliable and efficient.
  • The convenience of having all types of the trust under one roof.
  • Sound investment management of your trust fund.
  • Estate planning advice using trust instruments.
  • Legal expertise to help you create a trust that covers all contingencies.
  • Managing your trust with impartiality to ensure all beneficiaries are treated fairly.
  • Your wealth is protected because Corporate Trustees are regulated by Trust Companies Act 1949 (revised 1973).