Our Services

Our Trust services are managed under the strict terms of the Trust deed established in a fiduciary capacity.

Our Services

Perpetual Trustees Berhad provides trustee services for a diverse range of public and private companies, institutions and individuals. Our Trust services are managed under the strict terms of the Trust deed established in a fiduciary capacity. Our core service include:

Corporate Trust

Perpetual Trustees Berhad provides wide range of Trustee Services for both Private and Public Corporations. Our Trust services include :

  • Group Insurance Trust
  • Proprietary Clubs Trust
  • Trust for Charitable Institution & Foundation
  • Trust for Interest Scheme
  • Special Purpose Investment Trust
  • Business Succession Trust

Individual Trust

A Living Trust is used as a solution to create Wealth Protection, Wealth Preservation and Wealth Distribution.

We can create Living Trust to meet your estate and financial planning goals for the disposition of your assets and liabilities in the following areas:

  • Business Protection
  • Business Shares
  • Education Expenses
  • Funeral Expenses
  • Immovable Properties
  • Investment Local & Global
  • Insurance
  • Lifestyle Maintenance
  • Charitable & Personal Foundation
  • Cryptocurrency Assets & Probate & Estate Administration expenses amongst others

Will Writing & Custody

A Will is an essential part of planning for the future. It is a document that designates how you wish your property to be distributed among your family relatives, friends or charities upon your demise. Your Will is also the document where you will identify people for important roles such as guardian, executor, trustees and any other roles. Only a properly written and up to date Will can guarantee that your instructions will be known and followed after your death. We at Perpetual Trustees Berhad can give expression to your wishes in preparing a Will as we have the legal expertise and experience. We also provide for the safe custody and quick retrieval of your Will. Perpetual Trustees Berhad also provides Will writing services for Muslim in accordance with Syariah Law.

Estate Administration

Our responsibility is to ensure we carry out your wishes and relieve your family and loved ones from the onerous and complicated task of administering your estate.

By appointing PERPETUAL TRUSTEES BERHAD as your Executor (if you have a Will) or Administrator (if there is no Will), we will relieve your loved ones of a great responsibility in the following areas of estate administration:

  • Identifying the assets liabilities & beneficiaries of the estate
  • Obtaining the letters of Administration or Grant of Probate
  • Obtaining the Letters of Administration or Grant of Probate
  • Dealing with tax returns and liabilities. Administering assets locally & abroad
  • Distribution of assets to the beneficiaries, preparing & completing all the relevant accounts
  • With Perpetual Trustees Berhad, you do not have to provide an indemnity as in the case of private executors
  • The administration and settlement of your estate will also be faster
  • As for the administration of Muslim estates, Perpetual Trustees Berhad will administer these in accordance with Syariah Law

Custodianship Services

Perpetual Trustees Berhad provides custodianship services to both Corporate clients and individuals. As a Custodian Perpetual Trustees Berhad is responsible for holding and safeguarding securities / shares so as to minimize risk of loss and theft. Custodian may hold the shares either electronically or in physical form.

Why Choose Us

We provide you with a choice of Trust funds that are designed to allow you to customize your investment portfolio in a simple and convenient manner.

Our forte is to create unique and sophisticated Trust structures to meet client aspirations on Wealth Preservation and Asset Protection
We are fully backed by a management team who are professionals from various disciplines such as legal, financial and investment who are committed to fulfilling our clients financial goals and expectations with the highest level of integrity and professionalism.
We have expertise in structuring customised Trust for high and affluent net worth individuals who have assets worldwide.

Our Commitment

Perpetual Trustees Berhad has been set up to provide the entire range of trustee services to a broad spectrum of society and business enterprises.

Our Commitment

To ensure you have planned for any eventuality.

Our Commitment

To safeguard and maximize your interest.

Our Commitment

To provide personal and financial safeguards for you and your family.

Our Commitment

To provide swift and efficient service.