What is Estate Administration?

A: If your loved one dies in his sleep or due to stroke or an accident and you discover there is no will, would you know the steps to take to sort out the person’s estate?

If your love one had died due to catastrophe such as a fire, flood, tsunami, earthquake and you discover there is a will. Would you know how to administer your loved one’s estate if you are appointed Executor?

What are the steps in Estate Administration?

A: When an individual dies, certain assets of the deceased such as Life Insurance, EPF or joint/survivorship account may pass on to the beneficiaries through contract. But most other assets which can only be transferred through court proceedings. Most people die leaving estate to be administered. In order to administer the estate, one has to ensure that the assets of the deceased are collected, maintained and distributed in accordance to the will or if there is no will in accordance to the Distribution act 1958.

Why choose perpetual trustee as Executor/ Administrator?

A: Estate Administration is a very complex and time consuming task. We will relieve you of making crucial and complicated technical decisions at a time of mourning for the bereavement of your loved one. We are very sensitive to your feelings in dealing with the death of your loved one. We are very experienced professionals who are trained to handle both simple and complex estates.